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    Presents in front of everybody the website (http://Www.Jinhuitex.Com) is the gold exchange group company fast delivers the information, the dissemination enterprise culture, the compreh- ensive demonstration enterprise image platform, it symbolized the gold exchange group marched into by the becoming an information based society impetus enterprise realizes surmounts the type development the new stage. In this, I sincerely welcome the social people from all walks of life which all attention gold exchange groups develops to glance over the gold exchange group web- site, is willing the gold exchange group website to be able to become between the social from all walks of life friend and the our enterprise's bridge of friendship.
    The staff benefit and the social efficiency maximization is a goal which the gold exchange group diligently strives after, but realizes this goal basic way to lie in the company to innovate unceasingly with the realization continues fast to develop. For several years, the gold exchange group is preci- sely take this as the instruction, conscientious, assiduously works, weaves, the foreign trade, the real estate domain in the prospects for development broad spinning and weaving lining innovates unceasingly, eagerly anticipates the development.
    The gold exchange group advance step is day by day steady, the synthesis competitive ability rapid enhancement, the main camp service scale grows unceasingly, the management achieve- ment obtained advanced gradually the type promotion, leadership produce market contains part enhances with steady steps, the company whole movement quality remarkable enhancement, and has developed into by a retail sales department small workshop form has the standardized mod- ern enterprise which many Stock subsidiary company the production management and the capital operation complemented each other.
    The forecast future, will have heavy responsibilities, stirs up the popular boat, Does not go for- ward on the backlash. Will be full of the energy and the development opportunity gold exchange group further devotes in constructs has the strong research and development strength the scien- tific research innovation system, the advancement product renewal and the promotion, compreh- ensively will optimize the property structure, the strengthened management, further will enhance the enterprise whole competition strength, the consolidated company in domestic and foreign lightly will spin in the lining market unceasingly the leading superiority.

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