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Jinxun Foreing TradeIs located China historical city ---Shaoxing, adjoins Asian biggest textile collection and distribution center --- China lightly to spin the city, is apart from the Shanghai 200 kilometers, the Ningbo 100 kilometers, the Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport 40 kilometers, the geographical position is superior.
    The company has the self-management import and export power, the specialized production clothing, the lining, the flower novel, the quality is reliable. At present, the company has the specialist 40 people, is equipped with in view of European, the Americas, Russian, Japanese and Hong Kong's business agency. The product sells in distant markets English, the law, German, American, Japan, South Korean and the Chinese Hong Kong area.
    The company holds "the good faith, is being practical, the innovation, double wins" the management idea, zealously welcome everywhere merchants presence instruction, the discussion service, altogether seeks the development.

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