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Jinxin Textile    Is monopolizes the upscale textile clothing lining enterprise. The company is located the Asian biggest textile collection and distribution center¡ª¡ªChina lightly spins the city,Adjoins the Hangyong highway and the Xiaoshan international airport,Transportation convenient, the geographical position is advantageous.
    The company had for more than been established ten for years to persist throughout by "the practical innovation, diligent is professional" the management idea, develops the new product unceasingly, vigorously promotes the product quality. And has a high quality the research and development troop, year to year appoints the Chinese spinning and weaving university famous discipline to take the lead artificial technical advisor. Many times is evaluated continuously "the advanced industrial household", "the star class operator", "superposes the same code of honor and" the Zhejiang Province market trusts with the unit "up to the consumer satisfies the commodity" and so on the title of honor. And is "recommends by the Chinese international trade association and the French science and technology quality monitor center authentication to European Union the product", is China which is worthy of the name lightly spins the city "four in a big way to be peony" one.
    The company host camp polyester fiber imitates the pure silk, the chemical fiber fabric blending, the polyester-cotton blend spins and so on the dye printing dyeing fashionable clothing lining. The main product has the snow to spin, the multi- arms tall its, Gao Sibao, the tension snow spins, thin fabric Jin Mao, Jin Xinma, the cross grain hemp, the jacquard weave, the mess, assists weaves the hemp, (rubs wool) the laundering fabric, twisting color Ding, the ammonia black silk ribbon thin standard, tension Luo Duan, the chemical fiber imitates the hemp to imitate Mao Bu and so on, the product sells in distant markets European and American, the Middle East, South African and the Asian peripheral country and the area.


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