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JinHui Textile & Garment

     Is located tan oak bridge which is beautiful in the scenery,KeQiao¡ª¡ªChina lightly spins north the city take the industry garden area,Is apart from a Shanghai and Hangyong highway exit kilometer,Goes to Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport 15 minutes ,The transportation is convenient,The geographical position is advantageous.
     The company founds in 2001, the predecessor is the Shaoxing County gold Xin textile limited company, is a specialized management each kind of chemical fiber fabric lining enterprise,The company has been through repeatedly more than 20 years market to whet, has become in the domestic textile domain to have the certain influence the scale enterprise, many years by the reputation are continuously "the superposition with, defend the credit", "the gold customer", "the AAA level credit enterprise" and so on the laurel crown. Company all along by "good faith" the service idea, has accomplished today magnificence¡­¡­
     Now,JinHui Textile & GarmentIn in the golden Xin company's solid foundation, makes Yu Kebei the industry garden area, the total area 85,000 square meters, the floor space 50,000 square meters, have now the international first-class daily production Toyota especially extra wide spraying of water loom, main auxiliary engine altogether 700 wraps.
    The company broad natrium talent, collects each group outstanding person, has large quantities of seniors titles managerial talent and specialized technical personnel,Altogether has the staff thousand people, by reason of the advanced equipment and the scientific management, the gold exchange person creates the Chinese textile industry once more the miracle.The company takes the lead in the whole city spinning and weaving profession through the ISO9001 quality control system authentication, by the first-class technology, the first-class equipment, the first-class management, creates on the first-class product, the outstanding person product emerges one after another incessantly, has crepes kind, the tension class, imitates the hemp, imitates the pure silk, imitates characteristic lining and so on human silk, the product covers the nation each to be big, the middle city, sells in distant markets country and the area and so on the US, England, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Africa, Middle East, doubles is favored the general merchants.
     The gold exchange person by reason of "humanist, by is being honest is the letter" the idea, by the unprecedented superior will, impels the gold exchange company to the modernization, the internationalization, the transnational enterprise direction to cleave the waves advances boldly, to be willing with everywhere friends hand in hand to advance together, with will create magnificent tomorrow!

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