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Shaoxing Century Golden Textile & Garment Group is take the spinning and weaving, the clothing, the foreign trade, the scientific research, the real estate as a body export-oriented type, is comprehensive, the multiplex large-scale foreign capital enterprise. The company is located south the Shanghai economic development zone the wing Shaoxing tan oak bridge economic development zone, tightens near the Shanghai and HangYong highway, adjoins Asian biggest textile collection and distribution center China lightly to spin the city, the close neighbor Hangzhou Xiaoshan international airport and Port of Shanghai, Ningbo Port, the transportation extremely convenient, the geographical position is advantageous.
    Company occupying a land area of 300 Chinese acres, total floor space 200,000 square meters, total investment 550 million Yuan. Had the world first-class Toyota especially extra wide spraying of water loom 700 wraps which introduces from Japan. Each kind of textile year productivity amounts to 50 million meters, the year self-management exports 15 million US dollars, standard workshop 54,000 square meters. The company strictly according to the IS09001 quality control system movement, continuously many years has the honor to receive throughout the Chinese spinning and weaving profession association "the national spinning and weaving profession satisfaction unit", "the national spinning and weaving profession product quality letter the unit", and is evaluated by many financial organ "the gold customer" "the best credit customer" "the AAA level credit enterprise" and so on.
    Development innovation, Surmounts the development is the gold exchange person eternal pursue. The future gold exchange person will continue to receive "humanist, by will be honest is the letter" the management idea, positively will advance the modern enterprise system, the development international market, the conformity domestic and foreign resources, will implement the global management strategy, the building international brand, will construct has the formidable synthesis competitive power the modern enterprise group.

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